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10th Frame Bowling 1988 - MS-DOS

10th Frame Bowling 19882.txt
Alt name 10th Frame: Pro Bowling Simulator
Year 1987
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Sports
Theme Bowling
Publisher Access Software, Inc.
Developer Access Software, Inc.

Probably the best bowling game of the 80s, 10th Frame Bowling is a fun bowling game for up to 8 players. There are two game modes: Open Bowling (single match) or League Bowling (whole league). League Bowling is a place where you compete in teams of 4 each. Although the game looks quite primitive in CGA color, the graphics are sharp and the animations are incredibly fluid. The interface is intuitive: just like the usual "golf meter" in golf games, use the left and right arrow keys to select the direction of the ball and hit the space bar at the right moment to throw it. Simple, but flawlessly made. If you like bowling, 10th Frame Bowling is a true pioneer of the genre that you must have in your collection. If you are not a bowling fan, this might be the game that spark your interest in the sport. Timelessly durable and playable - a must-have.