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4th And Inches 1987 Accolade - MS-DOS

Year 1988
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Sports
Theme Football American
Publisher Accolade, Inc.
Developer Accolade, Inc.
Like other sports games by Bob Whitehead, 4th & Inches was hailed post-launch, combining the action of the previous titles with a new strategy game challenge. For the first time in a computer football game, players could choose from several games. The player initially selected a formation and then picked one of five moves based on the formation. These moves included a variety of offensive strategies including draws, bends, cuts, long bombs, and more. The defensive tactics were just as varied, and the player could choose a defensive formation based on what they thought their opponent would try. The game required the player to select a position to control before starting the game during the attack, but was unable to change control during the action. Since a limited area of ??the field was visible at any time, this sometimes prevented the player from seeing important parts of the game. Instead of smoothly scrolling when the controlled player would reach the edge of the screen, as modern soccer simulations do, he completely redrawn the visible part of the pitch. During the defense, a controlled player also could not be changed, but would be automatically selected as the player closest to the offensive ball carrier on any redraw of the screen.