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4x4 Off Road Racing 1988 - MS-DOS

4x4 Off Road Racing 19882.txt
Year 1988
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Off-Road
Publisher Epyx, Inc.
Developer Ogdon Micro Design, Inc.
Perspective Behind view

4x4 Off-Road Racing Racing is an all-wheel-drive off-road car racing on the American off-road. A player taking part in the competition will not only have to defeat a dozen or so rivals at the finish line, but also take care of his car on the way - replace damaged parts or refuel. The authors' attachment to the number "four" is evident at almost every step. We can choose routes, cars and difficulty levels. The last factor is extremely important, as it determines whether the player will pack additional parts into the car by himself, or whether he will throw it on the shoulders of the computer. In the first case, the user buys the equipment in a local store, in the second, the equipment is selected automatically, according to the principle - a little bit of everything. It is worth remembering that excessive load affects the maximum speed of the vehicle, so you should only choose what is absolutely necessary, such as tires and fuel. We observe the action from the back of the vehicle, similar to Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge or Outrun. Each route is divided into three sections, after which we can make the necessary repairs to the vehicle. Of course, if there has been an accident before, we can also repair the damaged systems, but it takes much longer. We start all races from the distant seventeenth position. While driving, you should successively overtake your opponents and be the first to report to the finish line of the entire competition. It is not easy, especially if we have an overloaded vehicle. An additional difficulty is the rubbish lying on the entire road, which may cause a crash. In general, 4x4 Off-Road Racing is an interesting product, much more varied than other games of this type. Damage as a random factor greatly increases adrenaline during races and makes the seemingly trouble-free driving suddenly turn into a pursuit of opponents overtaking us during repairs. The only weak point of the program is the unsatisfactory visual setting, but that's the charm of old games, especially those published in the 1980s.