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Ace 2 1987 - MS-DOS

Ace 2 19872.txt

Continuation of the ACE. Like its predecessor, the ACE 2 is an old-fashioned air combat flight sim set in modern aviation times. The game has a very strong arcade character as all the missions you do are indefinite or general. Your plane is also a typical hypothetical modern fighter plane and the goal is to fly different flights to kill enemy planes. Very similar to ACE, except that you can now play a two-player hot seat game or a single computer competition in split-screen mode. Compared to its predecessor, the game is much simpler in terms of controls and currently focuses heavily on air combat between two enemy jet fighters. While optimized for two players, it also supports single player play against an AI controlled jet.

Flight controls have been simplified to just the joystick and pressing the keyboard to increase or decrease the throttle. An area map can be called up at any time, showing the position of the player and the enemy.