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Adventure Math - MS-DOS

Adventure Math2.txt Play wonderful and exciting math challenges in Math it Right 3D Adventure, the only math game you need for your kids aged 6 to 9. Join the dragon Pilipili on his quest to master the basics of arithmetic operations and multiplication tables, defeat the malicious Thanatos and save your friends from the Dragon City. Math it Right 3D Adventure is a wonderland of numbers on Steam. Ride a dragon on an epic adventure Beware! Thanatos and his minions took over Dragon City and crashed the Pilipili spacecraft to the farthest corners of the mighty Razzle-Dazzle Banzai Bay. Pilipili travels through mysterious worlds to find the legendary golden chili peppers. Whatever you do, be sure to put an end to Thanatos' evil plans and save your friends from Dragon City. It won't be a piece of cake and you'll have to use the power of math to complete your mission and save the day! Challenge your kids' knowledge of basic arithmetic Learning maths can be a fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids. It all comes down to finding a unique approach that will make the experience fun. Math it Right 3D Adventure is here to creatively spark interest and excitement in learning arithmetic and multiplication tables, introducing an unusual and fun experience for young children. Your child learns step by step while the game slowly increases the difficulty of the operation. Each game will help you learn important math lessons that you can use in the long run. Explore the amazing game world Each game world is handcrafted for fun, excitement and enjoyment. Some worlds are easy to explore, others bring with them serious challenges, but you can always encounter challenges and surprises scattered all over the map. Math it Right 3D Adventure rewards exploration and you'll have a great time traversing every corner of the map! Use the power of math as you pursue Thanatos and his cavalcade of minions.