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Air Power Battle In The Skies - MS-DOS

Air Power Battle In The Skies2.txt Air Power takes place in an alternative world where airships have become strongholds. From these aerial leviathan fighter jets are fired in the style of the 1930s in the fight for total air supremacy. As one of the four princes of Karanthia, the game's fictional scenery, you must crush your opponents to become supreme emperor. While the plot sounds interesting, sacrificing this title of mediocrity doomed it to failure. The graphics are bland and simple, and if you're not playing the game in SVGA mode, they're also blocky. The sound effects are mediocre at best - although the soundtrack, which unfortunately only plays during on-screen selections, is one of the game's strongest points. The radio chat option, which lets you hear what other pilots are saying is fun for a few minutes, but it quickly loses its appeal once you realize the same comments are repeated over and over again. The flight dynamics are awkward and slow. No matter how long you exercise, your plane continues to swing from side to side. As you fight the controls, enemy planes circle your ship, occasionally releasing loose bursts of machine guns. This is not a fun exercise to exercise someone else's goal. This shimmy plane is back in the game when you try to target ground targets with your rockets. Imagine trying to play darts while standing on a jackhammer and you'll have a pretty good idea of ??what I'm going towards. Air Power may be the first ever airship fighting game, but it's not the first good game idea to be misapplied. Ultimately, the game is nothing more than another title waiting for its turn in the discount basket.