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Alien Breed Tower Assault - MS-DOS

Alien Breed Tower Assault2.txt The aliens attacked a research facility located on the surface of the planet Azarin 2E. As the first to signal S.O.S. Destroyer Heron responded, but it took several weeks for her to reach the critical system. During this time, the invaders were not idle, as the soldiers from the landing group quickly found out. Defenses that had not been used for a long time had made themselves known and destroyed the Earthlings' ships. Only two commandos survived, Jordan and Nash, depending on whether you are going to play alone or with a friend, you will direct their fate and eliminate the threat. Alien Breed: Tower Assault is the last product in the series of famous two-dimensional shooters. Team 17 later tried their hand at the FPS genre, but both Alien Breed 3D and Killing Grounds were never released on PC. The philosophy of the game has not changed compared to the original - we can still see our hero from above - but that does not mean that it was not without a few improvements. The real novelty is the non-linear gameplay. The program includes 55 stages connected with each other in various configurations, thanks to which we can choose a different path each time leading to the goal. If you believe Team 17 developers, there are about 250 ways to complete the game, and judging by the number of solutions on the web, this is hardly boasting. So far, no other shootout has been released that would outstrip Alien Breed: Tower Assault in this respect, which inspires even more respect. An innovation of a smaller rank, but also an important one, is the ability to fire while retreating. In the heat of the fight against hundreds of aliens emerging from each alley, this skill will save your life more than once. The rest remained virtually unchanged. While visiting the complex, we have to collect door keys, ammunition, and the money necessary to buy weapons. There are many adventure elements in the game, such as the need to find the survivors of the base. Most of the levels also have cards with valuable information that can be read in terminals scattered here and there.