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Alien Cabal - MS-DOS

Alien Cabal2.txt Aliens: Fireteam is a third-person online shooter, designed to play in cooperation (up to three people in a team), in which we face mainly xenomorphs, but not only. Another production set in the "Alien" universe. This time it is intended for fun on the Internet. With cooperation in mind, Cold Iron Studios has developed four story campaigns. The action of the game takes place twenty-three years after the story told in the film trilogy. It begins when the crew of the USS Endeavor receives a signal from the planet Katanga. Someone is asking for help. On the spot, the heroes are awaited - of course - bloodthirsty xenomorphs, but also other enemies, including synthetics produced by Weyland-Yutani (we face over twenty types of enemies in total). At the beginning of the game, we choose one of five classes (shooter, technician, medic, scout and destroyer), and then we move on to performing dangerous missions, during which we acquire new types of weapons (over thirty in total), as well as modifications and modules (over seventy). Over time, we also improve our character's skills. It is true that we can play alone - then our companions are controlled by artificial intelligence - but the reviewers are rather unanimous that it does not make much sense.