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Alien Carnage - MS-DOS

Alien Carnage2.txt

In the game, the player has to shoot zombies and aliens with a flamethrower and other weapons, saving hostages along the way. Instead of jumping, Harry uses a jetpack to get to the higher platforms. Its jetpack shares its ammo with the flamethrower, which means it's best to use both sparingly. Harry can eat and drink junk food to gain health (rescuing the hostages also restores Harry to full health) and upgrade to different types of ammo with ammo dispensers. The player has to collect the coins dropped by the killed enemies in order to buy this ammunition. They can also claim other upgrades with different effects, including a wrapped gift (additional ammo for Harry's current weapon), a purse (30 extra credits; coins dropped by enemies are worth 5 credits each), and an icon 1 (extra life and full health). You can save your game progress by using computer terminals scattered across the levels. To get to the next level, Harry has to save all hostages and then use the elevator.