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Alien Trilogy - MS-DOS

Alien Trilogy2.txt In the game you played the role of Ellen herself. The plot was virtually non-existent. In Alien Trilogy you fight your way through the levels and exterminate hundreds of Aliens. There were briefings between individual missions, but most often they were just guidelines that directed you to the ultimate goal - an elevator to the next level. The lack of a scenario as such, however, did not bother at all. Concentrated on surviving, I completely forgot what I read in the briefing. The game was dubbed a "trilogy" because it was split into three episodes, each ending in a fight with the Alien's mother, the Queen. While walking through long, dark corridors, the heroine got guns that you should be familiar with from the movie. These were, among others Pulse Rifle, shotgun, flamethrower and the famous Smart Gun. There were also two basic gadgets: a radar, the purpose of which probably does not need to be explained, and a shoulder lamp, thanks to which you could brighten the Egyptian darkness prevailing in some locations. As an interesting addition, a small terminal was thrown in that instantly explored the entire map; very useful. I must point out that the largest and strongest guns were as much as the cat cried, so it had to be saved