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Alone In The Dark 3 - MS-DOS

Alone In The Dark 32.txt The third part of Infogames is even more powerful than the first and second. This time, our brave detective will reveal numerous secrets and face numerous enemies in the beautiful scenery of the Wild West. Ah, those extinct desert cities, abandoned mines, mysterious places. Ah, those dangerous gunslingers. And in addition to fighting, as in the Alone in the Dark series, there will be solving more and more complicated puzzles, finding many more or less useful items, reading stories written in abandoned diaries. When Carnby (our detective) is defeated by evil powers, we can watch a pretty tasty ending (Carnby hangs his head over the fire, Carnby is beaten over the pentagram). But beware, beware !, the hero can also be resurrected by an old Indian, and then travels the world in the body of a puma. Unfortunately, the same user interface as in the first and second parts has been kept. And what was good in the older parts is not necessarily good in the newer ones. Moving from combat to searching or using an item - this requires accessing and exiting the inventory menu. Wasn't it easier to solve it like in Doom? You press one key and it's ready. Nothing has changed in the way the world is presented either. We still see a rather clumsy silhouette of the main character that we guide with the cursor keys. And as the detective moves to other parts of the room, additional details are revealed. The solution is not only illogical (after all, a person immediately understands the full picture), but also inconvenient for the player. I'm not saying that when we send Carnby to a dead end, he starts shuffling senselessly against the wall.