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Alone In The Dark - MS-DOS

Alone In The Dark2.txt The fifth part of Alone In The Dark was supposed to be something completely new for the series. The mere fact that the production of this title was developed by a studio that had nothing to do with the fate of a private detective, made the fans eagerly waiting for another lonely encounter with the darkness. There were also loud announcements and pre-premiere shows of fragments of the game. They filled players with such optimism that the latest work of Eden Games studio was placed in the forefront of contenders for the title of the game of the year before it was released. Unfortunately, the game came out of the producer's dark dungeon and saw the bright light of shop shelves. And from the candidate for the game of the year, she immediately became one of the black horses to be called the greatest disappointment of Anno Domini 2008. Alone In The Dark only shares the main character with the previous installments of the series - private detective Edward Carnby, dealing with supernatural matters, without a scientific explanation . The rest of the game is completely new, so those who were expecting a return to the classic can do well. Yes, sometimes you can find references to the predecessors, but it happens by the way, so a player who has not played any installments in Alone In The Dark does not really lose anything.