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An Elder Scrolls Legend Battlespire - MS-DOS

An Elder Scrolls Legend Battlespire2.txt Battlespire is the first title in the new Elder Scrolls Legend series set in the same world. The game uses the same engine but is more linear than Arena or Daggerfall, reminiscent of the Ultima Underworld series. The Battlespire Citadel is a training ground for mages wishing to become an Imperial Warrior Mage. The game starts when the Battlespire has been destroyed by Prince Daedra's army and our task is to save this place. We have a lot of cRPG elements in the game. There are no shops or gold, and all items are obtained on the battlefield by taking them from the ground or from the bodies of killed opponents. There are only a few NPCs to talk to. Carefully made special effects such as dynamic light sources or water padding effects. Total freedom of movement in a three-dimensional environment with a first-person perspective view. The SpellMaker system allows you to create and modify your own spells. A unique character creation system based on the classes known from Daggerfall. The multiplayer mode allows you to compete with friends or other guilds. Multiplayer modes such as team versus computer, team versus team and deathmatch over LAN or over the Internet.