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Archimedean Dynasty - MS-DOS

Archimedean Dynasty2.txt Archimedean Dynasty is a submarine simulator produced by Massive Development and released by Blue Byte on October 31, 1996 for MS-DOS. Production appeared in Poland at the turn of 1996 and 1997, and CD Projekt was responsible for its distribution. On July 29, 2015, the game appeared on the GOG platform and then the Windows version debuted. The Archimedean Dynasty is set in an alternative reality of the XXVII century, where people, due to the excessive exploitation of the Earth and the lack of resources of nuclear war, poison the surface and the air to such an extent that they are forced to go under the water. There they also expand quarters for underwater miners to the level of cities in which they try to lead a relatively normal life. Unfortunately, they also have no peace here, because as a result of scientists' research, caves hidden under tectonic plates are opened, from which monsters emerge, which are the ancient gods. The plot tells the story of a mercenary named Emerald "Dead Eye" Flinch, who, while protecting a convoy, falls into an ambush prepared by a group of anarchists, but is soon released by one of them. Then he sets off on a long journey, consisting of 60 missions, full of bandits and monstrosities. The gameplay mechanics are designed around the joystick, although you can play using the keyboard. The production, although later honored by Computer Games Strategy Plus in the ranking of the 10 best Sci-Fi Simulators and quite warmly received by the reviewers, did not turn out to be a sales hit. Despite this, the game was continued in the form of AquaNox released in 2001.