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Arctic Adventure - MS-DOS

Arctic Adventure2.txt The action of the game takes place six months after the events described in the previous part, in which the hero discovered the treasures hidden in the previously unknown tomb of the pharaoh. Unfortunately, he did not gain the recognition he had hoped for. Although his supervisor - Dr. Jones - finally appreciated him, the wider scientific community and "so-called" experts simply took the whole thing as blind luck - something typical of a novice. Nevada Smith did not give up, however, and for six months he pored over the books in search of a chance for another momentous discovery that would help him shut the mouth of all opponents. The hard work pays off and after many months, the hero discovers an ancient Norse scroll in which the history of hiding a huge treasure by a group of Vikings is described. This treasure, or the spoils of war, was hidden in a cave in the Arctic. Its location was marked on a map, which was then divided into four parts. Individual elements were hidden in other caves so that only a member of the original expedition could find them. Unfortunately, on the way back, the Viking ship sank, and with it all chances of finding the treasure were lost. Nevada Smith decides to go to the Arctic caves in search of map fragments in order to find the legendary treasure with them