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Arcy 2 - MS-DOS

Arcy 22.txt Arcy 2 is a German puzzle game reminiscent of Chip's Challenge. The game has 60 levels divided into 3 parts, each with a unique layout. Arcy 2 has many different puzzle pieces, including moving blocks and hidden passages, as well as various enemies that will either move the blocks in certain directions or freely traverse the level. The goal of Arcy 2 is to go through the puzzles of the game and collect the keys to open the door and complete the level. The game includes a scoring element, with scores earned for completing levels or collecting blue orbs that appear in levels and after defeating enemies. Special block types will fall in certain directions which can crush enemies over time and provide the player with both more blue orbs and the ability to progress further in the level. Arcy 2 is divided into 3 volumes of puzzles, the first of which is delivered for free. The game provides a phone number to BBS to inquire about the possibility of getting Volumes 2 and 3 for a fee. The puzzles in the first volume are mainly a presentation of the different pieces of the puzzle that the game has to offer, typically requiring the player to take one action which then causes the rest of the puzzle to solve itself.