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Ascendancy - MS-DOS

Ascendancy2.txt Starting the game in Ascendancy released on the PC and iOS platform, we choose a race - each of them has an individual special ability, giving it a potential advantage over the others. In addition, we have to make a decision about the concentration of stars in the cluster (which translates into the number of planetary systems that can be colonized), the number of opponents and the political atmosphere (opponents can be peaceful, neutral or be our bitter enemies). In keeping with the principles of the species, our overarching goals are flagship: exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination. In the initial phase of the struggle, we have a single colony, but as we progress, we gain access to technology that allows us to construct spacecraft and leave the home planet using the so-called "star lanes". The crews of individual ships can settle on uninhabited planets or subjugate the inhabitants of other worlds by waging battles on the surface or in outer space. During the game, you should pay attention to three parameters that reflect the functioning of our colonies. The first is research that allows for the development of new technologies; the second is industry, which determines the speed with which individual colonies can achieve their goals; the last, or prosperity, reflects the birth rate on a particular planet. Individual buildings can only be placed in selected places - while white fields allow you to create any type of structure within them, green fields allow you to build buildings responsible for prosperity, red fields - for industry, while on blue fields we erect structures that increase our research capabilities. Additional fields are also found in the orbits of planets - it is there that we create, for example, spaceships and planetary defense systems. It is also important to maintain more or less friendly relations with other races - the diplomacy system allows you to make alliances with your neighbors, declare war on them or exchange useful information with them