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Assault Wing - MS-DOS

Assault Wing2.txt Assault Wing is a fun "caveflyer" shareware from Finland that was released as freeware. If you've never played cavemen before, the idea is simple: two or more players fly their ships in cave-like two-dimensional arenas, trying to destroy each other. As with other great PC cave flights like AUTS and the V-Wing, the Assault Wing offers a variety of ships to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses (usually based on a compromise of conventional power and speed). You can equip your ship with many cool weapons, although some are so powerful that they upset the gameplay balance. In addition to neat weapons, you can collect various types of bonus items during the game, which can have both beneficial (e.g. replenishing health) and harmful (e.g. slowing down your ship) effects. The only bad thing about Assault Wing is that there is NO computer player - you always have to play against your friends. But hey, if you play cavemen regularly you will already have a lot of friends (or compulsive enemies) to fight with;) Great level and ship editors complete one of the best cave flyers you'll come across..