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Balloon Challenge - MS-DOS

Balloon Challenge2.txt Try to blow up the balloon perfectly! Baaaaa! Let's fly balloons in the sky! The prince said so. People try to blow up the balloon but sometimes they break it and sometimes that is not enough, they are still small. However, people are still blowing up balloons! The prince is also trying to blow up a balloon. Because in his eyes people are very happy. Until the colorful balloons decorate the sky, there is a little more to this time! Players have 5 or more cards with numbers in their hands. The turn player may play one card on the table or be removed from the round. When all players quit the round, you now score points. The number of cards played is the size of the balloon. The sum of the remaining cards in the hand is the number of inflated balloons. For example, 8 cards are played on the table. The cards in the hand are three cards from 0, 2 and 4. Size is 8 and the number of plantings is 6 (0 + 2 + 4). It's not full! Scoring is 6 points. We have simple fish disc bonus points in the game. But these are not small points. After the fifth round, the tallest player is the winner!