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Battle Isle 2200 - MS-DOS

Battle Isle 22002.txt Battle Isle 2 (Battle Isle 2200) is a sequel to the turn-based game Battle Isle released in 1991, which compared to the precursor introduced improvements in graphics, sound, and also added new units (55 types of planes, ships, tanks, soldiers, etc.) . However, the main principles have not changed. We are still the commander of the army that is facing another army, and the primary goal of the game is to destroy the enemy. We can still conduct multiplayer battles, and the maximum number of players has been increased to seven. The second part of Battle Isle is primarily a friendlier interface, great clashes (up to 400 units at the same time) and a huge number of types of areas on which we fight. The great attraction of the game is the detailed battlefield, and on the boards themselves we encounter buildings, streets and railroads. Battle Isle 2 is another turn-based game from the German company Blue Byte, which was a great success and is considered a classic of computer games.