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Big Red Racing - MS-DOS

Big Red Racing2.txt Big Red Racing is a cartoon-style, humorous racing game in which we can lead one of a wide range of driving, flying or floating vehicles to victory. The game developer is Big Red Software studio owned by Eidos Interactive, associated mainly with the Dizzy platform series created for Codemasters. We start the game by creating our alter ego, selecting them from the available gallery of characters and modifying some elements of the appearance. We have at our disposal a wide range of various vehicles, ranging from traditional cars (Mini, VW Beetle, Jeep), through 6-wheel ATVs and monster trucks, to garbage trucks, snowmobiles, motorboats, helicopters and hovercraft. The vehicles were divided into eight groups, corresponding to different scenarios and conditions in which we will face racing struggles.The tracks have been located in several countries around the world, but during the game we will also visit the Arctic and Mars, Venus and the Moon. Depending on the location, we race on urban asphalt, gravel off-road, stones, snow, water and in the air. According to the concept of the game, of course, we are dealing with a purely arcade driving model, far from any realism. The setting of the game is kept in a cartoon style with a huge dose of humor. Both in the menu and during the races, we are accompanied by joking comments referring to the country in which the competition is currently taking place. One of the voice actors is Jon St. John, known for the iconic dubbing in Duke Nukem 3D. The creators also took care of a wide range of multiplayer game modes - Big Red Racing allows you to crazy competition with live opponents via modem, on a local network or on a split screen.