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Bio Menace - MS-DOS

Bio Menace2.txt How much you hear about people working in a cottage industry with all kinds of mines, missiles or other elements of military weapons and suffering serious damage to health as a result. Another group of people is engaged in laboratory work and experimentation without taking any precautions. This also applies to qualified scientists who conduct research in secret centers. What am I going to? The explosion in the laboratory of Dr. Mangle changed the city of Metro City once and for all. More and more mutant creatures appeared on the streets, killing thousands of innocent inhabitants of the city. The CIA decided to send its undercover agent to unravel the mystery of the explosion and report on the situation in the disaster area. Snake Logan did not know that what he found in the city in just a few moments will completely change the assumptions of the mission. What does Bio Menace have in common with the famous Commander Keen series? Both productions were created on the same engine. This means that already at the time of the creation of the reviewed game, the graphics were not considered modern, equal to the games of that time. Of course, after fourteen years, the audiovisual setting cannot be considered a strong point of the game. So what made Bio Menace still a popular production, worth trying? It is undoubtedly gameplay, the ability to choke the player to the monitor for a long time. The goal of the game is to destroy Dr. Mangle's laboratories and finally defeat him and the ringleader of all the confusion, Master Cain. To this end, Snake moves around the city, killing monsters, freeing hostages and looking for new clues that will help in apprehending the perpetrators of the whole incident. Bio Menace is a textbook example of a platformer from the first half of the 90s of the last century. Numerous platforms, secret passages, bonuses and the so-called ? collectibles? as well as dozens of different monsters. It is interesting that one secret agent is able to deal with hordes of mutant creatures on his own, when thousands of the city's inhabitants have not managed to win against them. Well, the plot in those years was not as important as it is today. In combat, the hero uses not only standard machine weapons, but also grenades, mines and lasers. As many as four weapons - a lot for the games of that time.