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Blackthorne - MS-DOS

Blackthorne2.txt Santa doesn't exist, and the cheap porn chick wasn't a virgin at all? No, that's not it! While catching more, unplayed, Amiga gems, I remembered about "Blackthorne" ("Blackhawk" in some European countries). After a quick check of 'Amiga the Company' and other databases of old games, it turned out that this item does not exist in the inventory. But how - after all, in "Secret Service" # 22, dated March 1995, page 28, the footer clearly said <1MB Amiga> and . Unfortunately, the game never came out for my Friend. So many years of living a lie. Well, it turns out once again that we live by sentiments - the computer press of that period not only defied all rules of the correctness of the Polish language, but also contained a lot of nonsense information, often heard with the left ear on computer exchanges. Here it is even more interesting, because I will give a member to myself that the author of the review, a certain "John Zabiyaka" (in the foreign press everyone signed their name and surname, and in our case, most of the authors writing about games are known only from "nicknames" ), he did not play the game at all, and he produced a review based on the available graphic materials and advertising brochures from the fair, from which he rewritten the plot and added a few sentences (nonsense anyway - I'm sure the guest did not see her!). Therefore, if someone writes to me that it used to be better, and today the people who write about games are spiky compared to the old icons, I will tell you - you talk nonsense! I can assure you that reading those magazines will put you upright today!