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Block Man 1 - MS-DOS

Block Man 12.txt Block-Man 1 is a single player platform puzzle game similar to Loader Larry. The story of the game is that once King Triangulos ruled the kingdom of Bentangle. The king loved blocks, played with them from childhood and loved them almost as much as he loved his daughter, the beautiful princess Pentaguin. The princess has to marry someone worthy, so the king ordered a series of rooms to be constructed so that in order to escape from each of them, it was necessary to be extremely clever in moving and using blocks. A suitor who could solve all these puzzles would suit his daughter. Block-man is a common man in the land of Bentangle, but he still loved the princess and promised to win her hand in marriage. The player controls the Block-man. Block-Man is located in the play area bounded by red bricks and flaming torches, representing the room in which he is located. Every room has an exit, and Block-Man must get to that exit from his starting position. There are walls and pits in his way that he must overcome. Building bricks are the only resource available. The only commands available are left / right. pick up / put down and climb (maximum one block). Using these commands, the player must solve the puzzle and lead Block-Man to exit each room. The shareware game consists of ten levels. The full, registered game has more levels, and at an additional cost, there is a builder option that allows the player to create and play their own levels as well as those of other game owners.