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Bouncing Babies - MS-DOS

Bouncing Babies2.txt Bouncing Babies is more than a game. Bouncing Babies is a metaphor for life. You can never finish it. You can only fail inevitably. The consequences of your failure are as cruel as any entertainment can offer: guilt that you know your incompetence, your pathetic concern for innocent people has led babies to slowly burn in the flames of perdition or splash on the cold asphalt. However, like Pandora's Box, the initial damnation also offers the gift of hope. Drawing on the Buddhist concept of rebirth and the Greek tradition of madness and redemption, there is always a chance for repentance. Bouncing Babies, however, are looking for more than just these subtle revelations. In its simplicity, it speaks of the entire human condition - birth and innocence, maturity and the pursuit of protection, and death, because you end up throwing babies into the ambulance, and that can't be healthy. By limiting your movement to three simple places, it shows us all that, no matter what, our options are inherently limited by the unspoken rules that guide our destiny. We can't save everyone. We can only hope to do good, but by doing so often we do harm. Yes, we are saving one child, but what happens then? Others, blinded by incomprehensible bonds of trust, doom themselves much faster. Don't they realize the game works like a speed bitch on modern computers the way it is? Of course not. How could they? They're just kids. And also, not true. At least there is no highscore table that really adds to the pressure.