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Breakthru - Nintendo NES/Famicom

worms Blast
worms Blast
Puzzle/Action 4.9 ⭐
Released: 2002
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Uno 52
Card Game 4.6 ⭐
Released: 2002
RPG 4.9 ⭐
Released: 2003
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball
Fighting 4.7 ⭐
Released: 2003


BREAKTHRU: A Classic Nintendo NES/Famicom Gaming Gem

During the golden era of 8-bit gaming, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Family Computer (Famicom) introduced a plethora of groundbreaking games that captured the hearts of millions. One such game, BREAKTHRU, combined action-packed gameplay, a thrilling storyline, and innovative game mechanics, solidifying its place in the pantheon of unforgettable titles. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of BREAKTHRU, exploring its history, gameplay elements, and lasting legacy.

A Brief History of BREAKTHRU

Developed by Data East and initially released in arcades in 1986, BREAKTHRU transitioned to the NES/Famicom platform in 1987. The game soon gained widespread popularity, capturing the attention of gamers across the globe. Known for its intense side-scrolling action and unique vehicular combat, BREAKTHRU delivered a thrilling experience that kept players coming back for more.

Intense Side-Scrolling Action and Gameplay Mechanics

BREAKTHRU puts players in control of the "Proto-1," a versatile and heavily-armed vehicle designed to combat an evil terrorist organization. The game features five distinct levels, each with its own set of challenges and enemies. The following are some key gameplay elements that make BREAKTHRU stand out:

The Lasting Legacy of BREAKTHRU

Over three decades later, BREAKTHRU continues to be celebrated for its innovative gameplay and captivating storyline. The game has inspired numerous other titles and has been re-released on various platforms, allowing new generations of gamers to experience its charm.

While it may not be as well-known as some of its contemporaries, BREAKTHRU remains an essential piece of gaming history. Its unique blend of side-scrolling action, vehicular combat, and the ability to transform the player's vehicle set it apart from other games in the genre, cementing its status as a classic NES/Famicom title. For those who love retro gaming and want to experience an exciting, action-packed adventure, BREAKTHRU is a must-play.

BREAKTHRU on Nintendo NES/Famicom: Conquering Obstacles and Challenges

BREAKTHRU, a thrilling action game released for the Nintendo NES/Famicom, captivated gamers with its adrenaline-pumping gameplay and innovative mechanics. One of the most memorable aspects of this classic title is the variety of obstacles and challenges players must overcome to progress through the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at the diverse obstacles players face in BREAKTHRU and how they contribute to the game's unique, captivating experience.

Navigating the Terrain: A Test of Skill and Strategy

Throughout the game's five levels, players must navigate the Proto-1, a high-tech vehicle, through diverse landscapes filled with hazards and obstacles. Successfully maneuvering through these terrains requires a combination of quick reflexes, strategic planning, and mastery of the game's controls. Some of the key obstacles players encounter include:

Adapting to the Proto-1's Transformative Abilities

The Proto-1's ability to transform between a ground-based vehicle and a flying jet is one of BREAKTHRU's most innovative features. Mastering this mechanic is essential for overcoming the game's various obstacles. Key considerations include:

Overcoming Formidable Enemy Forces

Throughout BREAKTHRU, players must face an onslaught of enemy forces, each with unique attack patterns and weaponry. Successfully confronting these foes demands tactical prowess and effective use of the Proto-1's arsenal. Key enemy challenges include:

Unraveling the Intriguing Plot of BREAKTHRU on Nintendo NES/Famicom

BREAKTHRU, a classic Nintendo NES/Famicom game, combines action-packed gameplay with an engaging storyline that enthralls players from start to finish. Set in a world under siege by a nefarious terrorist organization, players embark on a high-stakes mission to save the day. In this article, we will delve into the captivating plot of BREAKTHRU, exploring the game's narrative elements and uncovering the driving force behind the player's quest.

A World in Peril: The Premise of BREAKTHRU

Set in an alternate reality, BREAKTHRU unfolds in a world threatened by a terrorist organization known as the 'Dominator.' This sinister group has stolen a top-secret, state-of-the-art weapon, with the ultimate goal of using it to achieve global domination. In response to this existential threat, the player assumes the role of an elite operative tasked with infiltrating enemy territory and recovering the stolen weapon before it can be unleashed on the world.

Embarking on a Dangerous Mission: The Player's Journey

To thwart the Dominator's plans and restore peace, players must traverse five treacherous levels teeming with obstacles, hazards, and enemy forces. Along the way, players will encounter various challenges that advance the plot, including:

Confronting the Final Threat: The Climactic Battle

As the player advances through the game, the intensity of the challenges increases, culminating in a climactic showdown with the mastermind behind the Dominator terrorist organization. Key aspects of this final confrontation include:

In conclusion, the immersive plot of BREAKTHRU serves as the backbone for the game's exhilarating gameplay experience. As players embark on a dangerous mission to save the world from the clutches of a ruthless terrorist organization, they are drawn into a captivating narrative that keeps them engaged and invested from beginning to end. The combination of high-stakes action and an intriguing storyline ensures that BREAKTHRU remains a timeless classic in the annals of Nintendo NES/Famicom history.

Exploring the Diverse Locations of BREAKTHRU on Nintendo NES/Famicom

One of the standout features of BREAKTHRU, an action-packed classic on the Nintendo NES/Famicom, is the variety of vibrant locations the game presents. Each of the five levels offers a unique setting, filled with distinct obstacles, challenges, and enemies for players to overcome. In this article, we will take a closer look at the locations that make up the diverse and captivating world of BREAKTHRU.

Level 1: The Jungle Outpost

The player's mission begins in a dense, perilous jungle teeming with enemy forces. Lush foliage and treacherous terrain provide both cover and challenges for the player as they navigate the Proto-1 through this hostile environment. Key features of this level include:

Level 2: The Rocky Mountains

As players advance, they will find themselves traversing treacherous mountain terrain filled with narrow passages, rocky cliffs, and relentless enemy forces. Key features of this level include:

Level 3: The Desert Wasteland

In this sun-scorched level, players must navigate the Proto-1 through a vast, arid desert while confronting a variety of unique obstacles and enemy forces. Key features of this level include:

Level 4: The Snowy Peaks

Players ascend into the frigid, snow-covered peaks where icy paths and relentless blizzards create new challenges to overcome. Key features of this level include:

Level 5: The Dominator's Fortress

In the climactic final level, players infiltrate the Dominator's heavily fortified island fortress, where the stolen weapon is believed to be hidden. This level presents the ultimate test of skill, strategy, and determination as players face their most formidable challenges yet. Key features of this level include:

In conclusion, the diverse and visually stunning locations of BREAKTHRU on Nintendo NES/Famicom are a significant aspect of the game's enduring appeal. Each level presents unique challenges and obstacles that test players' skills and adaptability. From the dense jungles of the first level to the climactic showdown in the Dominator's fortress, these captivating environments create an immersive and memorable gaming experience that solidifies BREAKTHRU's status as a classic title in the NES/Famicom library.

Mastering BREAKTHRU on Nintendo NES/Famicom: Essential Tips and Tricks

BREAKTHRU, a classic action game for the Nintendo NES/Famicom, challenges players with its intense gameplay and diverse obstacles. To conquer the game's many challenges, players must develop a deep understanding of its mechanics and strategies. In this article, we will provide invaluable tips and tricks that will help players elevate their skills and excel in the thrilling world of BREAKTHRU.

Optimizing the Proto-1's Transformative Abilities

Mastering the Proto-1's ability to transform between a ground-based vehicle and a flying jet is essential to success in BREAKTHRU. Use these tips to make the most of this versatile vehicle:

Mastering Combat and Weaponry

Effective use of the Proto-1's weaponry is crucial to overcoming the game's relentless enemy forces. Keep these tips in mind to maximize your combat potential:

Adapting to the Game's Diverse Levels

Each of BREAKTHRU's five levels presents unique challenges and obstacles. Use these strategies to adapt and thrive in the game's ever-changing environments:

Managing Resources and Lives

Resource management and preserving lives are critical to success in BREAKTHRU. Keep these tips in mind to maximize your chances of reaching the final level: