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Call Of Cthulhu Shadow Of The Comet - MS-DOS

Call Of Cthulhu Shadow Of The Comet2.txt Shadow of the Comet is Infogrames' first serious attempt at creating an adventure game whose script alludes to Howard Phillips Lovecraft's cult prose. The program was created in cooperation with Chaosium, which has the rights to the name The Call of Cthulhu, and that should be the best recommendation for it. Although the Shadow of the Comet script is based on the master's two famous short stories, The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Dunwitch Horror, the developers of Infogrames did not take it too seriously and indulged in a few innovations that a fan of Lovecraft's prose would pick up almost immediately. . The main character of the game is John T. Parker, a journalist who comes to the town of Illsmouth in 1910 with the intention of seeing Halley's comet. Of course, this is just a fairy tale for the mayor and a bit nosy residents, to hide the true purpose of the visit. In fact, Parker intends to study the memoir of the mad scientist Lord Boleskine, investigate why the scientist at the height of his fame suddenly loses his mind, and to determine what influence the above-mentioned comet, whose last appearance took place 76 years earlier, on the day of his death, had on these events. doctor. After only a few hours of investigation, it turns out that Illsmouth, so far considered a model of New England fishing villages, is not entirely normal. An attempt to find Boleskine's former guide will start a real horror, which will end with the appearance of ancient deities, led by the famous Cthulhu. From the graphic side, the program looks good. You especially like the large portraits of characters that fill almost the entire screen during a conversation. At this point, we should pay tribute to the authors of the game for their specific sense of humor: some characters are alive with the stars of today's cinema - the player should easily recognize the face of, for example, Jack Nicholson. The music is phenomenal and perfectly emphasizes the extremely suggestive atmosphere of the program.