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Capture The Flag - MS-DOS

Capture The Flag2.txt Capture the Flag by Richard Carr, released in 1992, based on the MS-DOS system. In the computer game of the first-person shooter genre was Rise of the Triad (1994), the first game to include the flag capture mode. Capture the flag became popular, but it wasn't until 1996 by Quake - a modification of the Threewave CTF that served as a model for later CTF reactions, and first developed a proprietary CTF Level that is symmetrically structured to give both teams a fair starting point. As in the traditional game, the basic rule is to steal your opponent's flag while protecting your own. He and Threewave developed a modification of Team Fortress, also for Quake, their own version of the game mode. Today, Capture the Flag is one of the most popular team game modes in the FPS genre, which is available in a variety of multiplayer compatible games.