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Carmageddon - MS-DOS

Carmageddon2.txt Carmageddon is a game that has made history thanks to its immense playability and brutality. Normal car racing, while exciting and dangerous, does not really give players what they expect. Fortunately, Carmageddon was created, which allowed the drivers to leave the marked route onto the pavement and start the demolition: ->. The red face of a bald driver sitting behind the wheel and grinning in a satanic smile is one of the iconic symbols of the game. The subject of the product itself was its great advertisement, the rest was done by the media, which attributed at least a few murderous incidents (such as a teenager driving pedestrians over the wheel) to the game, and publicized the matter appropriately. The first Carmageddon is a game that was valued not only for its brutalism. The main goal of the game, as in all races, is to reach the finish line. In Carmageddon, the routes are divided into laps, which in turn are made up of Checkpoints (checkpoints). So, on the way to the finish line, we fight not only with other drivers, but also with the time. Completing the next laps is so boring and obvious that the game has added a second way to finish the rally victoriously. It is about destroying the cars of all opponents, similar to Destruction Derby games. When dealing with the destruction of subsequent cars, we do not have the opportunity to gain valuable time by completing Checkpoints. We gain the next seconds by destroying enemy vehicles and running over people. The routes are open (they do not have a marked path beyond which it is not possible to leave) and they allow you to visit them carefully. It is the detailed exploration of the boards full of jumps, ramps, secret nooks and crannies (i.e. gadgets that improve our car in some way) that gives the most fun. We can attach a large ball on a chain to our car, which, by maneuvering the car properly, destroy enemies, collect car speed improvements, etc. money. But that's not all, we buy better cars by winning