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Catacomb - MS-DOS

Catacomb2.txt Nemesis was a creature whose continued existence posed a serious threat to the peace of the entire land. Bearing in mind the enormous danger, you prepared basic combat spells and set off towards the catacombs, where your opponent has set up a hiding place. After a great but also difficult fight, you managed to defeat Nemesis. Everything indicated that the problem was finally resolved. However, as it soon turned out, not for long. Nemesis' subordinates erected a mausoleum in honor of their dark lord, bringing the land back to the reign of terror. The villagers hired you to clean up the evil creatures who systematically kidnap defenseless people. Having no way out, you agree to help them by trying to find the entrance to the mausoleum in the nearby cemetery ... The Catacomb Abyss is an action game developed by Softdisk studio. In 1992, John Carmack was in his ranks, and it was he who created the engine that powered the product in question. The engine was later modified and used in the famous Wolfenstein 3D shooter. The main character has an offensive spell at the disposal of the main character, which most enemies use with one "shot". In addition to the basic spell, the magician can also use other, more destructive formulas, but first he has to find them in a vast maze. We will be led to it by clues in the form of scrolls of paper, which are also hidden in various nooks and crannies of the maze. Some doors are opened with multi-colored keys, sometimes you will also have to turn into small cracked walls. The gameplay is not particularly complicated, but the large number of dead ends, monsters and hidden rooms certainly does not make the task easier.