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Cd Man - MS-DOS

Cd Man2.txt The most famous arcade game in the world, Pac-Man, is in a completely new version. This is a very cute character named CD Man. There are 5 different worlds in CD-Man. The game has beautifully drawn graphics. It has a high resolution EGA mode. A completely new character called "TheSnoofer" also appeared in the game. If you are a Pacman Game lover, you will love CD-Man for sure. In fact, CD Man is one of the best clones in the world. The game has five different worlds that each have their own visual theme. Each world consists of a different maze system. The encountered enemies differ in type. Each game has different controls. If it's a DOS game, it uses arrow keys with keywords. You can also use the mouse. This game is designed to clear the screen of dots and help you avoid any unpleasantness. Pulsating pills are kept for role reversal. You can increase your points by catching and escaping the monsters. After clearing the screen, you will go to the next level. Gadgets that appear from time to time help you earn points. Creative Dimension published the game in 1989. The correct game genre is unsorted. CD Man is crawling through the tunnel. There is a reason behind this. It never runs in front of spiders or any other creatures. Therefore, you have to outsmart everyone without killing them. Sometimes you eat more dots and sometimes you eat less. It is an action game that provides the player with a great experience. The gameplay is no different from Pac Man