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Challenge Of The Five Realms - MS-DOS

Challenge Of The Five Realms2.txt The multidimensional world of Nhagardia is quickly paralyzed by the evil lord Grimnoth's terrifying plague of darkness. As Prince of Alonia, you now have 100 days to save the world from falling into eternal despair! But is 100 days enough? After all, in addition to confronting the evil forces of Grimnoth, you will have to discover many secrets behind his power. And you will have to overcome countless obstacles that are scattered across each land! Defeat a formidable gang of traitors who want to conquer your kingdom; a journey under the ocean to a vast underwater land; venture deep into the world to find hidden secrets, fly to the majestic kingdom of heaven and experience the magic and wonder of an enchanted forest. You will experience a series of wonderful and unpredictable scenarios. Each brought to life with fascinating animations, streamlined character generation and a truly unique story! Grimnoth dropped the gauntlet. Are you brave enough to pick it up?