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Champ Kong - MS-DOS

Champ Kong2.txt CHAMP Kong supports the use of a Champ cable which allows gamers to connect an Atari joystick to a PC printer port. The "Classic" mode plays and resembles an arcade machine, with very similar graphics, sound and gameplay. The gameplay is well known: you play Jumpman and you have to save your girlfriend from the clutches of the love-loving giant Kong monkey by running, jumping and climbing to the top of a skyscraper. You can pick up your girlfriend's lost items for extra points and grab a hammer to smash barrels and fireballs thrown at you by Kong. The "Champ" mode is an improved version of the classic game with different levels and more bonuses. Finally, the game offers a lot of options - one or two player modes, three difficulty settings, adjustable game speed, input with keyboard, mouse or joystick (Champ even released a "Champ cable" which allowed you to play with digital joysticks) and a table of the best results to round it all off.