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Chasm The Rift - MS-DOS

Chasm The Rift2.txt Like its precursor, this game promotes first person perspective. Somehow, the gate to the neighboring dimension has been opened and the world is flooded by the ubiquitous monsters. As a soldier unknown to anyone, you have to face a whole host of opponents, from the Nazis, to great creatures, to save our planet from destruction. Although the game does not have an innovative plot and generally does not exceed the technical level of Quak, it has some interesting features that are worth a closer look. First of all, an innovative weather system in which raindrops falling in open spaces look very effective. In addition, the player has the ability to manipulate the lighting - he can put out lamps and torches, thanks to which the area will be covered in Egyptian darkness in no time. The possibility of destroying windows is also interesting, which was a completely new element for the time of the game's release. Unfortunately, the Chasma engine did not allow you to look up and down, which was a kind of limitation of the full 3D and made it difficult to fight with small opponents in some cases. The whole thing takes place in various places, from military bases connected by a whole lot of corridors, to amazing alien installations on the Egyptian pyramids, to the end. Pistols, shotguns or powerful rifles were given to the player's hands as means of "supporting" the annihilation of enemy creatures. Opponents are modeled better than in Quake, and the applied damage system allows you to attack the opponent with a shot off arm or leg. The multiplayer mode allows you to conduct deathmath battles for players who are eager for thrills. The game was supposed to fill the break until the release of Quake II, which it managed to successfully. Avid fans of FPS games should not forget about it.