Christmas Carnage - MS-DOS

Christmas Carnage2.txt During many parts of Sleigh'd, Murder Tree begins to choke BF with his leaves, and a GUI appears with a space that tells the player to press the space bar in the line. The line in question has red ends followed by yellow parts and a green center. If they don't press space in time, BF dies. Also in various parts of Sleigh'd there are many gifts with a black eye and a red pupil, with the top text telling you to click on them. During the second half of being there, they begin to stare at the player. During the last part of their stay, they terrify the player and end the song by killing BF. Finally, there are a lot of gift notes in the chart. If you happen to hit one of them, they'll instantly swap your hotkeys, no matter what they're assigned to. Examples include ASWD, Left Down Up Right, or DFJK.