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Cisco Heat All American Police Car Race - MS-DOS

Cisco Heat All American Police Car Race2.txt Cisco Heat. The game was originally released on Coin-Op slot machines. In later years, a game conversion for 8- and 16-bit home computers was released, including versions for Amiga and PC. In Cisco Heat, the player takes the role of a police officer. We take part in a police car race on the streets of San Francisco. We have two types of police cars to choose from. The classic Cadillac Brougham and the new generation test car, the Nissan 300ZX Z32. Cars differ in maximum speed and acceleration. As we mentioned earlier, the action of the game takes place in San Francisco, we will pass the famous Golden Gate, we will encounter the famous trams and many other characteristic attractions of this city. Cisco Heat is a game, unfortunately, not without its flaws. One of them is the fact that your opponents can run into obstacles. The second significant drawback (PC version) is the gameplay of the game displayed in a small window (about 1/4 of the screen).