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Classic Concentration - Nintendo NES/Famicom

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Puzzle/Action 4.7 ⭐
Released: 2006
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Released: 2003
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Released: 2001
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Released: 2001

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Classic Concentration - Nintendo NES/Famicom: How to Play


Classic Concentration is a classic video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom consoles in 1988. The game is based on the popular game show, Concentration, where players have to match pairs of hidden prizes to win the game. The video game version is a single-player game where the player has to match pairs of hidden prizes against the clock.


The game starts with a board of 30 cards, each containing a hidden prize. The player has to match pairs of cards with the same prize to reveal them. To select a card, the player uses the D-pad to move the cursor over the card and presses the A button to reveal it. If the two revealed cards match, they are removed from the board, and the player earns points. If they do not match, they are flipped back over, and the player can try again. The game has three rounds, each with a different number of cards on the board. The first round has 10 cards, the second round has 15, and the third round has 25. The player has a limited amount of time to complete each round. If the player matches all the cards before the time runs out, they move on to the next round. If they fail to match all the cards, the game is over.


The player earns points for every pair of matching cards they reveal. The score for each pair is determined by the amount of time left on the clock when the cards are matched. The faster the player matches the cards, the more points they earn. The player also earns bonus points for completing each round.


Classic Concentration is a fun and challenging game that requires concentration and quick reflexes. With its simple gameplay and challenging levels, it is a great game for players of all ages. If you are looking for a classic game that will keep you entertained for hours, give Classic Concentration a try.

Number of Players

Classic Concentration on the Nintendo NES/Famicom supports one or two players. In the one-player game, the player competes against the clock to match all the tiles on the board. In the two-player game, players take turns trying to solve the puzzle and accumulate points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Players can use a standard NES/Famicom controller to play the game. The game features a password system that allows players to continue their progress from where they left off.

Obstacles in Classic Concentration

Classic Concentration features a variety of obstacles that players must overcome in order to win the game. These obstacles include:

Successfully navigating these obstacles is key to winning the game of Classic Concentration. Players must use their memory, strategy, and quick thinking skills to come out on top.


Classic Concentration was well received upon its release, praised for its faithful recreation of the game show and its addictive gameplay. The game has since become a classic of the NES library, and remains a popular choice for retro gaming enthusiasts.

Overall, don drake iii classic concentration offers a fun and challenging gaming experience, testing players' memory and deduction skills as they race to match pairs of hidden prizes behind a grid of cards.

Tips for Playing Classic Concentration

1. Focus on memorization

One of the key strategies in Classic Concentration is memorization. As the game progresses, you will have more and more tiles to flip over and match. To make this easier, focus on memorizing the positions of the tiles as they are revealed. This will help you to make matches more quickly and efficiently.

2. Start with the corners

When starting a game of Classic Concentration, it can be helpful to focus on flipping over the corner tiles first. This will allow you to create more matches and clear more space on the board.

3. Take your time

While speed is important in Classic Concentration, it is also important to take your time and carefully consider each move. Rushing can lead to mistakes and missed opportunities. Take a moment to think about each tile you flip over and try to remember its position for future matches.

4. Stay organized

As the game progresses, it can be helpful to keep the tiles organized in your mind. This means remembering which tiles are associated with which symbols and where they are located on the board. Keeping this information organized in your mind can help you to quickly make matches and clear the board.

5. Stay calm and focused

Finally, it is important to stay calm and focused throughout the game. Classic Concentration can be challenging, but with practice and patience, you can become a skilled player. Remember to breathe deeply and stay focused on the task at hand, and you'll be flipping tiles and making matches like a pro in no time!