Clydes Adventure - MS-DOS

Clydes Adventure2.txt Clyde's Adventure is a sub-average platform game for DOS that starts off promising enough before it goes down to average mid-game. Your goal: go through each of the 32 castles collecting treasures, all gems and find the exit to the next castle. The novelty of Clyde's Adventure is no enemies - no monsters to kill or avoid. Instead, there are plenty of traps, switches, and teleporters that you need to find and activate. One of the best things about Clyde's Adventure is the large number of castles: the game has two chapters with 16 castles each. The first part is shareware, the second part is only available after registration. Playing all the available locks will easily take you hours - much longer than your average shareware platformer. The graphics are decent as well and the controls are easy to use. Unfortunately, these high points are not enough compared to the repetitive level design and uninspired background. After the first 5 or more casts, you'll see most of what the game looks like - and you won't be prompted to continue. Not recommended unless you like puzzle-oriented platformers in general and are tolerant enough of boring levels.