Clydes Revenge - MS-DOS

Clydes Revenge2.txt Clyde's Revenge is a pretty lame sidecroll platformer that ruins the creative no-enemies principle with boring gameplay and endlessly boring levels. Basically, your goal is to collect every stone on a level to advance to the next by making tricky jumps and solving simple puzzles. While the premise may be original, the actual game is too boring to hold onto. You will have to circle around several times to find the last stone needed to complete the level. Worse, you will need hundreds of these stones in the later stages to defeat them. It wouldn't be too bad if the levels were creative or interesting, but it's not. You will travel through hundreds of rooms that look like the previous ones, except for shelves and stones placed in various places. The scenery doesn't change much and the puzzles are far from the ingenious quality of Impossible Mission 2 Epyx or Delphine. A flashback that will interest you. So who can enjoy Clyde's Revenge? Well, if you've got a lot of patience (and I mean a lot), you might find Clyde's Revenge a refreshing take on a genre that usually throws hundreds of bad guys at you from every direction. But if you want a fun and relaxing "exploration" game, there are simply better games - see our Seiklus review for example. Thumbs down for that poor underdog who almost got a Real Dog dog tag. Note: We're still looking for a registered version of Clyde's Adventure, the prequel to this game. Contact us if you have the game and don't mind sharing it with the rest of the world