Command And Conquer - MS-DOS

Command And Conquer2.txt In most of the games in the series, the player's task is to expand the base, collect raw materials, train infantry and build vehicles that will create an army capable of defeating enemies. Each game has at least two sides of the conflict that differ in terms of available technologies and units. As the game progresses, the player has more and more buildings at his disposal, and can train and produce better units. In some missions, the player is deprived of the ability to build vehicles and train units, and a group of soldiers (usually a small group) assigned at the beginning of the mission must suffice to complete the task. Certain tasks in missions have a time limit, and failure to complete the task within the time limit will end the mission. Sometimes the player has the option to choose another mission. In some situations, it is possible to complete the set goals in a different way, while in other situations, completing one mission may help the player in the next ones (for example, completing an additional mission will cut off the enemy's ability to call for reinforcements)