Command And Conquer The Covert Operations - MS-DOS

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Covert Operations is a game where almost nothing but the degree of difficulty has changed. Units and structures remained the same (except that NOD received rocket guns and Chem Warriors, previously only available online), and the price of NOD turrets changed. We have 15 missions at our disposal, including 7 for GDI and 8 for NOD, and 10 multiplayer missions. This time we do not have to go through the scenarios one by one, we can choose them freely. From the very beginning, a full range of construction possibilities is also available - all buildings and military units. NOD forces also have the possibility of an atomic strike, with which there were problems in the basic version of the C&C. Covert Operations is fun for the geeky mother game lovers. I do not advise anyone to start their adventure with C&C with this expansion - it is simply too complicated for a person who has not completed the original version before. This complication consists both in the difficulty of the mission (some of them consist of several interdependent stages of operation, creating almost a plot thread), and the huge material advantage of the computer (and its "cheats"). strength, we have had time to get used to it - But these additional "deceptions" are annoying.