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Commander Keen Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter - MS-DOS

Commander Keen Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter2.txt The sixth game in the Commander Keen series, which was originally intended to be one of the episodes of the Goodbye Galaxy! Trilogy. The idea was eventually abandoned, and the people from id Software agreed with FormGen to release this production in a box. All previous editions of this series were distributed in the shareware system - Aliens Ate My Babysitters! became the first and at the same time the last episode of the adventures of Commander Keen to break this rule. The plot of the game centers around Molly, the nanny of eight-year-old Billy Blaze. The woman was kidnapped one day by Bloogs aliens and imprisoned on the planet Fribbulus Max. The boy, known for his heroic deeds, who had previously saved the galaxy from oppression, of course decides to free his guardian. Keen has to hurry, because Molly is going to be the main course at the alien's dinner. The product was developed between the fourth and fifth installments of the series, so it uses all the benefits that were introduced to the series at that time: the ability to enter buildings, look up or down after holding down the key, shoot in four different directions, and also launch a Pong-like mini-game available from the main menu. Although the "six" is a completely separate adventure, in terms of construction, it practically does not differ from its predecessors. Thus, we select the stage on an extensive map of the planet, viewed from the bird's eye perspective. The actual gameplay takes place on two-dimensional levels, which Commander Keen traverses in a classic platformer style. The player has several types of weapons at his disposal, including the well-known pistol with which the boy was able to overpower his opponents.