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Commander Keen Keen Dreams - MS-DOS

Commander Keen Keen Dreams2.txt The production is the fourth episode of the series, which was one of the first productions on a PC to use the "side-scrolling" technology associated mainly with the Mario series. The original idea of ??the creators of the later id Software was to create a version of Mario for the PC (even a demo version was created), but the owner of the series - Nintendo - was not interested in it. Soon after, they stumbled upon Apogee Software's Scott Miller, which saw the marketplace for it in the late 1990s. As part of the game, the player moves, as the title character, to the right or left, performing jumps or fighting opponents who, unlike in some episodes, are not aliens. This production can only be seen in the single player game. The plot tells the story of Commander Keen, who is forced by his mother to eat disgusting vegetables. Shortly thereafter, he falls asleep and moves to the land ruled by Boobus Tuber, who holds the children brought in with the "Dream Machine". Keen's task is to defeat the tyrant and free the prisoners.