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Contra I - Nintendo NES/Famicom

Sport 4.6 ⭐
Released: 2001
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Wolfenstein 3D
First-Person Shoote 4.8 ⭐
Released: 2002
Prince of persia sand of time
Prince of persia sand of time
Action-Adventure 4.6 ⭐
Released: 2003
RPG 4.8 ⭐
Released: 2001

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Contra is a classic run-and-gun action game originally released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In the game, you play as a commando who must battle his way through enemy territory, fighting soldiers, robots, and alien creatures. The game features side-scrolling levels with a variety of obstacles and enemies to overcome, as well as bosses at the end of each level. The player can pick up power-ups to upgrade their weapons and gain extra lives. The game is known for its high difficulty level and two-player co-op mode. Contra has since been released on a variety of platforms and spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs.

Contra Guns

Machine Gun

The Machine Gun is the default weapon and fires rapid bullets.

Spread Gun

The Spread Gun fires five bullets in a fan pattern, making it effective against groups of enemies.


The Laser fires a powerful beam that can penetrate through multiple enemies and obstacles.


The Fireball launches a projectile that explodes upon impact, causing area-of-effect damage.

Homing Gun

The Homing Gun fires bullets that track and home in on enemies.


The Barrier creates a temporary shield that protects the player from enemy attacks.

Crush Missiles

The Crush Missiles fire missiles that can destroy walls and barriers, revealing hidden power-ups.

Machine Gun Turret

The Machine Gun Turret is a stationary weapon that fires rapid bullets and can be used for cover.

Laser Turret

The Laser Turret is a stationary weapon that fires a powerful laser beam.

Contra Enemies


The basic foot soldiers of the enemy army, armed with rifles and grenades.


Armored vehicles that fire bullets and missiles. Some tanks have weak points that can be targeted for extra damage.


Flying enemies that fire bullets and bombs. They often move in patterns and can be difficult to dodge.


Stationary turrets that fire rapid bullets or lasers. They can be destroyed with careful aiming or avoided altogether.


Mechanical enemies that come in a variety of forms, from walking drones to flying saucers. They often have multiple attack patterns and weak points to exploit.

Alien Creatures

Extraterrestrial enemies that range from small insect-like creatures to giant bosses. They often have unique attack patterns and abilities.

Environmental Hazards

In addition to the enemy forces, the levels themselves can pose a danger. This includes traps like collapsing platforms, deadly pits, and moving obstacles.

Contra Levels


The first level of Contra takes place in a dense jungle filled with enemies and hazards. Players must navigate past rivers, cliffs, and treetops while battling soldiers and avoiding traps.

Base 1

The second level takes place inside an enemy base, with the player fighting their way through corridors, rooms, and warehouses. The level ends with a boss fight against a gun emplacement.


The third level takes place in a vertical waterfall, with the player jumping and climbing their way up the cascading water. Enemies attack from all angles, and the player must avoid hazards like rocks and logs.

Base 2

The fourth level returns to an enemy base, but this time the player must traverse a variety of obstacles like conveyor belts, electric barriers, and hidden rooms. The boss fight takes place against a giant alien head that fires lasers.


The fifth level takes place in a frozen wasteland, with the player fighting through blizzards, tunnels, and enemy bases. The level ends with a battle against a giant snow monster.

Energy Zone

The sixth level takes place in a futuristic energy plant, with the player navigating through tunnels, pipes, and conveyor belts. The boss fight takes place against a giant energy core that must be destroyed with missiles.


The seventh level takes place inside an enemy hangar, with the player fighting past planes, helicopters, and gun emplacements. The level ends with a battle against a giant robotic eagle.

Alien's Lair

The final level takes the player through the alien's lair, with the player fighting past alien creatures and machinery. The level ends with a final boss battle against the alien leader, which takes place in multiple forms and stages.

Contra Obstacles


Pits are holes or gaps in the ground that the player must avoid falling into. They can be found in many levels and often require precise jumping to navigate.


Spikes are sharp, pointed objects that can injure or kill the player on contact. They can be found on floors, walls, and ceilings and often require careful movement to avoid.


Traps are environmental hazards that can harm or impede the player's progress. These include collapsing platforms, moving obstacles, and hidden explosives.


Enemies themselves can be obstacles, firing bullets and other attacks that the player must avoid or counter. Some enemies are positioned in difficult-to-reach areas or have powerful attacks that require careful timing to avoid.

Environmental Hazards

Levels themselves can be filled with hazards like falling rocks, moving obstacles, and damaging terrain. These obstacles can be overcome with careful planning and execution.

Contra Cheats

30 Lives

At the title screen, press the following button sequence: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. You should hear a chime, indicating that the code was entered correctly. This will give you 30 lives to start the game with.

Level Select

To access the level select screen, press the following button sequence on the title screen: Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, Start. If entered correctly, you should see a level select menu. You can use the directional pad to choose a level and press Start to begin playing.

Power-Up Codes

There are several codes that can give you a variety of power-ups and weapons, depending on which button sequence you use. Some examples include: