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Corncob 3d - MS-DOS

Corncob 3d2.txt When you hear the screams of the KLA homing devices as they barely pass your wobbly Corsair, you know the battle of your life awaits you. You check your altitude meter and then prepare to attack your enemy again. This is just part of the action in Corncob 3D, the best shareware combat simulator ever! With Adlib and Sound Blaster music and pulsating sound effects, you'll be chained to your seat for hours with this game! Corncob offers over 20 different missions to achieve its goal of driving aliens from Earth. It also includes a training mission, breathtaking battles with alien planes (and even aliens themselves). Written by a physics graduate Corncob 3D is the most realistic air combat game on the market, both retail and shareware. Flight simulation special effects include stall, side-slide, upside-down flying, and more. According to Shareware Update, Corncob's VGA graphics "are actually the most impressive." In addition, Corncob's approach to virtual reality "is an amazing effect that must be experienced to be fully appreciated."