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Corridor 7 Alien Invasion - MS-DOS

Corridor 7 Alien Invasion2.txt In 2012, the American space expedition managed to find a metal object on Mars, which is irrefutable proof that there is life beyond our planet. The valuable find is brought to Earth and then placed in a secret laboratory, where scientists are responsible for its analysis. When exposed to gamma radiation, the object explodes unexpectedly and then opens a gate to another world. The underground research complex is quickly filled with hostile creatures that begin to murder unsuspecting employees of the facility ... Corridor 7 is a first-person shooter for which Capstone Software is responsible. The player takes on the role of an American special forces agent, who is sent to a complex controlled by aliens.The Capstone Software product uses the engine that was used in the Wolfenstein 3D game. The creators tried to make numerous modifications to this engine, thanks to which Corridor 7 looks a bit better than the memorable shooting by id Software. The gameplay itself does not differ much from other productions of this type. The player wanders the deserted corridors of the underground complex, and his task is to kill the creatures wandering here and there. The commando has at his disposal an impressive set of futuristic means of extermination and other gadgets that facilitate survival in the inhospitable complex, e.g. night vision.