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Crazy Drake - MS-DOS

Crazy Drake2.txt Everything was fine in LoonVille. King Drake and Queen Drake flew south on vacation and left their son, Prince Drake, to guard the kingdom, especially the sacred Golden Egg which was his source of power. However, one night while the Prince was playing his favorite video game, Evil Doctor FoulBrain broke into the Palace and stole the Sacred Golden Egg - just what he needed to help him form a horde of henchmen to take over LoonVille. When Prince Drake realized that the Sacred Golden Egg was missing, he knew it was a job for Mad Drake - even his parents couldn't recognize him in those red Lycra shorts. Guide Mad Drake through six episodes of chaos in search of the Holy Golden Egg. Be careful, Bad Doctor FoulBrain used the Egg to cast a spell on the people of LoonVille - now they want to get you too. Crazy Drake, includes all 6 episodes with over 20 levels, 6 bonus levels and 6 special levels and a super secret level! It's over 30 levels. Only available on CD-ROM.