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Cryptic Passage - MS-DOS

Cryptic Passage2.txt Again, Caleb is forced to embark on a dangerous mission. This time, however, it is not about revenge, but about an ancient scroll, the stealing of which has disturbed the balance of the power of light and darkness. As you can easily guess, it is only up to you whether the mission will be successful and the world will bypass the long-announced Armageddon. A cloudy and hackneyed plot is, as usual, just an excuse for what is happening on the screen, because anyone who has had contact with the original Blood for even a moment knows that "looking for a scroll" will be limited to exploring subsequent boards, bleeding up to your knees in blood enemies coming from everywhere. The second add-on to Blood was prepared by the Sunstorm Interactive group, known for its interesting Duke Nukem 3D extensions. Compared to the twin Plasma Pak, Cryptic Passage looks rather poor at first glance: just one new episode, consisting of ten boards and four arenas for the multiplayer Bloodbath mode. Fortunately, these are only appearances. The lack of any changes in the weapons, and the absence of premiere opponents, perfectly complements the aforementioned set of maps, the execution of which is absolutely perfect. It doesn't matter if it's the docks, concert hall, gothic library, devil's monastery, haunted castle or steamship - all boards are made with great attention to detail and take full advantage of the limited capabilities of the Build engine. The expansion is intended only for veterans of the original game, which can be felt almost immediately due to the increased difficulty level. During the exploration of the next stages, you will encounter, for example, a large number of places where monsters emerge from the ground, or just behind our hero's back, increasing the chance of his successful extermination.