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Cylindrix - MS-DOS

Cylindrix2.txt Cylindrix is a 3v3 fighting game with 360? death. Attack and be attacked from all sides. Fight in huge orbiting arenas, each unique in terms of physics, weather conditions and setup. Build your squad of 37 warriors from 10 alien races. Choose from 8 vehicles, each of which is distinguished by maneuverability, speed and firepower. Each vehicle also has a special weapon, such as a Traitor's Bomb or anti-missile system. Experience 10 levels of alien hell in a tournament game. Create your own misfortune with a custom game. personalize it with IPX Network and Null Modem. This is groundbreaking artificial intelligence. We're not kidding. This is way beyond anything you've ever experienced. Continuous combat action requires control, The computer is not waiting. He knows the rules of the game and plays to win. Memorizing won't help you. There are no patterns here. It's impossible to play the same game twice because artificial intelligence responds to thousands of world variables. Artificial intelligence can handle situations like a human being. No blind decisions. Attack enemies, hold your shields, collect energy, dodge, obey orders - 3D AI thinks about you and doesn't cheat!