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Dangerous Dave - MS-DOS

Dangerous Dave2.txt Dangerous Dave is an arcade game.The main task for the user is to get through ten complicated in terms of construction levels and recover all the gems, once stolen by the dangerous pirate Clyde. In each of the ten stages you need to find the golden goblet and then go to the exit marked by the door. While the task does not pose any major problems at the beginning, the situation becomes more and more complicated later on. Cleverly placed platforms that are difficult to jump to, lava and water traps, and creatures trying to kill Dave do not make the task any easier. During the journey through the next levels of the pirate's hideout, we can collect additional treasures that increase the overall score. The player should be on guard all the time, because he has a limited number of "lives", and it is not difficult to make a false move here. In the following levels you can find useful items: a pistol with unlimited ammunition, used to annihilate the creatures living in the underground, and a jetpack with a small amount of fuel, with which we can get to normally inaccessible corridors. The game was designed by John Romero, the later co-founder of id Software, who was associated with the SoftDisk studio in the early nineties. The main character liked the famous programmer so much that he decided to prepare the next installments of Dave's adventures. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the few PC titles from that period that allowed you to freely change graphics modes (CGA / EGA / VGA) during the game.